Who needs Coachella when there’s a coffee festival going on?

Instead of being made to feel like garbage by instagram models and bloggers, and getting annoyed by girls on their boyfriends shoulders obstructing my view of the music, and swealtering to death and then freezing to death in the dessert, I chose (couldn't afford the tickets/flights/luxury airbnb) to spend my weekend drinking (drowning myself in) … Continue reading Who needs Coachella when there’s a coffee festival going on?

24 Hours in Cambridge

If you read my last post then you know I had a bit of a mental breakdown at Cambridge, which lead to me quitting my job because life is too damn short, BUT OTHER THAN THAT... Cambridge is actually a really cute little city to visit and a relatively short drive from London so you … Continue reading 24 Hours in Cambridge

What I Did This Weekend: Greenwich Market

I've had a very rough week, hence why I have been very lazy on social media/blogging/life in general because I am trying to get my shit together. I won't bore you about it now because that is a post for another day. Anyway, this weekend I made Nick take me to Greenwich Market, because I … Continue reading What I Did This Weekend: Greenwich Market

Things To Do: Luna Cinema

Welcome to my new series called Things To Do. It's a very originial title I know. I am a *creative person* after all. Anyway Things To Do is going to be all about things that I have done in London that I thought were cool. And as always I will tell you everything about it; … Continue reading Things To Do: Luna Cinema

Favorite Coffee Shops in London… So Far

Ok so I've only been a London Resident(™) for a little over 2 months, which hardly makes me an expert of anything to do with London, BUT if there's one thing I do know, and that's coffee. And English grocery stores have absolutely SHIT stock of the filtered stuff. And don't even get me started … Continue reading Favorite Coffee Shops in London… So Far

American in London

I've lived in London for just a little over two months now. Sometimes it still doesn't feel real, and it's like I'm on extended vacation. But then I remember I don't have a planned trip home, which makes me feel a little homesick. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss America, as tremulous … Continue reading American in London