MFW Round Up

Since everyone is in Paris now, and fashion waits for no one, here is my round up of Milan Fashion Week! A safe but essential in the cold temperatures, long gray coat, is made exciting with a frothy pink extravaganza trying to espcape and steal the spotlight. Perfect styling tip for the rest of this … Continue reading MFW Round Up

LFW Round Up

London fashion week is drawing to a close, so it's time for my LFW round up. London is probably my favorite city when it comes to street style, and the shoes in general tend to be more artistic and conceptual compared to the other cities. I find that the street style and fashion of the … Continue reading LFW Round Up

Valentine’s Day Makeup Inspiration

It must be noted that while I appreciate the skill and artistry of makeup, I don't wear much on a daily basis. Number one is because I like the sleep in in the mornings, and number two is because I don't think I'm all the great at it. Instead I spend all my time and … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Makeup Inspiration