The Oh Shit! Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I literally never know what to get any one for any occasion until pretty much the last moment. Thank god for Amazon Prime and Art School. So with Valentine's Day about two seconds away, I have compiled a list of gifts you can get your little love dove that doesn't look like you purchased it … Continue reading The Oh Shit! Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day: London Date Ideas

Valentine's Day is kinda really shitty. And if you're single it's kind of miserable to watch all these loved up couples flaunting their love all over the place. I am in a wonderful relationship with a human being I love more than anything and even I hate Valentine's Day. But I still celebrate because society. … Continue reading Valentine’s Day: London Date Ideas

American in London

I've lived in London for just a little over two months now. Sometimes it still doesn't feel real, and it's like I'm on extended vacation. But then I remember I don't have a planned trip home, which makes me feel a little homesick. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss America, as tremulous … Continue reading American in London