My Skincare Routine for OK Skin

Recently an article has been causing quite a stir amongst the beauty industry. Basically some person decided to attack the skincare industry and say it's a crock of shit. I took personal offense and I'll tell you why. I haven't seen a picture of this (rude) person, I'm going to guess they're young and have … Continue reading My Skincare Routine for OK Skin

Valentine’s Day Makeup Inspiration

It must be noted that while I appreciate the skill and artistry of makeup, I don't wear much on a daily basis. Number one is because I like the sleep in in the mornings, and number two is because I don't think I'm all the great at it. Instead I spend all my time and … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Makeup Inspiration

10 days of Solution

As you know, I've been using Glossier's Solution in the everlasting quest of *perfect* skin. And by perfect I mean no acne please and thank you. The uneven skin tone, I can live with because that is so easily covered. Acne, however, is the bane of my existance. And let me tell you, I have … Continue reading 10 days of Solution

Glossier takes literally all of my money.

Full disclaimer: I am a sucker for branding and packaging and it is a thing that Glossier does VERY well. Are there better products out there? Probably. But I'm not trying them because they aren't in millennial pink packaging and they don't come with cute stickers. But not all Glossier products are created equally. Especially … Continue reading Glossier takes literally all of my money.