24 Hours in Cambridge

If you read my last post then you know I had a bit of a mental breakdown at Cambridge, which lead to me quitting my job because life is too damn short, BUT OTHER THAN THAT… Cambridge is actually a really cute little city to visit and a relatively short drive from London so you could make a day trip out of it as long as you don’t get stuck in Dartford or Blackwell tunnel traffic.

We stayed at the lovely Tamburlaine Hotel, which we managed to snag a deal from on booking.com. It’s probably normally wayyyyy more expensive than the £140/night we managed to get it for (you know it’s lux when breakfast is NOT included), but I’m not kidding when I say we booked it very last second. The hotel was very luxurious and made me feel like a rich old white lady who speaks in a very aristocratic, posh accent, which is pretty ideal, especially when you are broke, young, and stupid. It’s a bit out of the city center, but if you’re a young, able bodied whipper snapper like Nick and I then a short walk to town ain’t nothin’ honey.


After treating ourselves to the complimentary biscuits and a spot of tea (green for me, English breakfast for him), we headed on over to the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens to gander at the flora and fauna. It’s not a good as Kew Gardens, and probably better when it’s not pissing down rain, but the greenhouses were very lovely, and everything was so lush and green and warm, which makes you forget it’s still freezing and everything is still gross and brown outside. My fav’s were the bird of paradise and the carnivorous plants because of course they are.


Next we went on down to take a look at the Mathematical Bridge. I don’t know it’s official name, but it’s called the Mathematical Bridge because allegedly it was put together without nuts or bolts or nails or anything like that. This is, however, a lie. But you can pretend it’s a fact, and everyone around you will nod their head and be bewildered and believe you. I hate math though so I thought this bridge was just ok, but now I get to say I saw it. It’s also conveniently located next to a pub, so we went there for a pint, because we are adults on vacation.


We then basically just walked wherever the wind blew us, and saw basically all the university and churches the area has to offer but didn’t go in any of them because they were either a.) closed for Easter weekend b.) closed because we went the day of Stephen Hawking’s funeral or c.) too expensive. Sorry ma’am but I will not pay £10 PER PERSON to see the Bridge of Sighs I will look at it from a distance thank you very much. I still saw it, but I don’t have a picture of it. But I kinda wish I did now because it was a better bridge than the math one.


By this time we were hungry, so after getting distracted by a Waterstone’s (the UK’s version of Barne’s and Noble), we went to Smokeworks, which I read about on Hand Luggage Only’s guide to Cambridge. As an American hailing from the town of the infamous Dinosaur BBQ* I am skeptical of the UK’s “BBQ” offerings because so far I have been disappointed. HOWEVER, Smokeworks seem to know what they were doing. The BBQ sauce was good, the ribs were good, and the coleslaw was excellent because it wasn’t to sloppy (there’s nothing I hate more than coleslaw drowned in mayo vomit). So I give it a thumbs up. It’s very delicious by UK BBQ standards and good by American BBQ standards.


Day two was also Easter, which really meant that everything was closed. With the exception of the Museums. Nothing opened until 12pm though so we got coffee, had a leisurely brunch at Bill’s (basic I know, but I was cranky, hungry, and it was close), and walked around one of the parks until the Fitzwilliams museum was opened. It was your standard museum with historical art and artifacts from around the world, but I am an art hoe so I enjoyed it very much, especially the gallery halls. I love me some Italian Renaissance baby Jesus. It is pretty much my favorite type of art in the world because it’s hilarious. Baby Jesus either looks like a middle aged man, or is shredded like a Greek God, and it’s basically the best thing ever.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetIMG_2094

And then we went home. So, yeah, not a bad 24 hours-ish in Cambridge, minus the breakdown. But we’re done talking about that.

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