Workin’ On My Fitness

Because I am a modern 21st century millenial woman capable of whatever I damn well please, I have decided to add a wellness section to my blog. I love anything wellness so it just makes sense. I plan on someday, eventually, getting around to getting my personal training certification because I just love it so damn much, and I might as well get paid for doing what I love; working out and bossing people around.

I am one of those crazy people that loves working out. I never used to. Especially in high school. This was mostly because I could eat whatever I wanted to and still have a 24″ waist. Now I cannot do this. Plus I want muscles and to be able to defeat my enemies in combat. So in college, after gaining 25lbs in 3 months and realizing I could not exist solely on cheese fries, I began working out. And I hated every fucking minute of it. Plus my roommates were insane and installed some very dangerous and eating disordery habits in to me that I am still recovering from.

Eventually though, when I learned how to properly exercise and eat, I began to love everything about it, and finally the unthinkable happened. I went for a run the other day, and in the middle of it, when I usually dying and hating every moment of it, I got that mythical runner’s high, and I actually felt pure happiness and bliss. These days I can’t wait for my daily workout, mostly thanks to the wonderful and free Nike Training Club app. I am not sponsored by Nike, but I should be, because I am responsible for at least eight people downloading the app. But seriously, it’s the best app for a really great workout. You want to strength train? They got you covered. Only have 15 minutes? They’ll give you a workout to make you sweat in 10. Need to do some recovery yoga? Nike will lead the way. And did I mention its all FREE?! My fit British babes can download it here, and you lazy Americans can go find it in the App Store.

I also try to fit in at least two, two mile runs a week. Usually on a weekend, and ususally only in warmer, sunny weather. If the weather is shit, forget about it. And I hate running on the treadmill. I am strictly an outdoor runner.

Any who, I am very excited to share my life of wellness. It’s not perfect, but perfect wellness is for rich white blonde ladies in lululemon. And I am only two of those things natually and I wear VS Sport because I aspire to be Candice Swanepoel (pre, post or pregnant body. I’ll take any of those. It’s all better than what I’m working with).

And now I will leave you with my current favs from the Victoria’s Secret Sport Line, because its my favorite and I don’t really wear anything else.


Graphic Tee £26.09


Anytime Cotton Mesh-inset Capri £38.89


The Player by Victoria Sport Mesh Racerback Sport Bra £22.15


Incredible by Victoria Sport Bra £34.46


Anytime Cotton Mesh-inset Legging £43.81


Mesh Racerback Tank £24.12


Knockout by Victoria Sport Tight £68.43


Fleece Drawstring Short £32

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