Paris Fashion Week Roundup

I know, I know. I am running a little behind. But I had to take a little mental health week last week because I was having a hard time, and I just like missed my mom and Trader Joe’s and I petted a cat and cried. Like I said, it was a rough week, but I’m a feeling better now.

But anyway, here are my favorite street styles from Paris Fashion Week. Unlike my other fashion week roundups, I screenshotted all of these pics from @collegevintage2‘s instagram stories, instead of just pulling them off of Vogue and the likes. His street style pictures are really good though, so you should def check him out on the ‘gram.

Also I would have to say, in terms of street style, Paris does it best. Its stylish and classic without trying to hard. And no one will judge you if you decide to pick comfort over style as long as you look chic, which is something I can get behind.


Jeanne Damas is a serious girl crush of mine. If I didn’t swear off of having bangs forever at the age of 12 after being forced to have them, I would cut my hair like hers because it is v. French. Also look how worn her boots are. She finds what she likes and wears it to death. Why can’t all style stars be like that? No one wears an item of clothing once.


I am on the look out for light color skinny jeans, and Levi’s are my go-to…. so basically these are in my cart now. I’m also really digging personalized jackets, and about to get some fabric paint and go ham on my denim jackets.


Fuck me up I want this look so bad I could cry. Someone gift me that Chanel bag already.


Another look I am seriously lusting over. I should’ve been French I swear. I would love to drink black coffee and eat crossiants all day and be super skinny. I am already very surly though, so I’m halfway there.


The nipped in waist of that denim jacket is giving me LIFE.


Russian babushka chic has happened twice now it is a trend. You heard it here first.


I love a blazer with a hoodie. She is giving serious comic book writer vibes, but chic. Yes mama.


God I love Aymeline Valade. Serving an all black look for the ages. A woman after my own heart.


I cannot and will not stop thinking about Giorgia’s dress. I looks like my great grandmother’s couch, and the tassels all the way down on the floor creating a train have me dead.


I love me some menswear on a girl. I love it even more when they don’t even try to balance it out with something really feminine. Go all menswear or go home.


See what I mean about chic comfort looks? This looks like she just took her dog for a walk and was like “oh yeah, I gotta go to that fashion thing” and just dropped her dog off at the house and went without changing. My hero.


Another girl wearing worn to death shoes! Well these are slightly less worn but none the less loved more than once. I trust this girl.


I love this scarf. This scarf is what happens when you just learn to knit and don’t know how to knit anything besides a straight line so you just knit forever. I also love her coat it looks soft and I want to mush my face in it. Unless its real fur. I have a phobia of real fur coats.


This lilac color is my favorite thing ever and I’m trying really hard not to buy everything I see that is this color. It’s not going well.


Messy buns are a trend. You can officially go to work in your dirty hair messy bun and be considered on trend. And the sweatshirt layered over a dress is everything, because it is comfortable and also warm. I don’t have time to freeze.


Hello, yes PR people, I would love to be gifted this exact jacket, purse, and boots combo. Thanks in advance. Note the messy bun.


Alexa Chung could wear literal garbage and I would think it’s amazing and fashionable. But this jacket is actually amazing. I love a strong shoulder, because I have rather shit ones that make it impossible to do the drape a jacket over your shoulders thing because it will just fall off.

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