The Women Who Inspire Me

Today is International Women’s Day (isn’t every day women’s day?), and it’s a good time to reflect on how far women have come, and thank those who’ve inspired what it means to be a women. The following woman have particularly inspired me, and have helped shape me into the woman I am today, and inspire the woman I hope to one day become.


I have drank the Jane Birkin kool-aid, and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. She is insanely captivating and cool, and her style is killer. If I could even be half as cool as her left pinky toe, I would have achieved life goals. I know there’s more to life than being just cool and glamorous, but is there? Anyway, she inspires me to just be who I am and be unapologetic about it, because that’s what makes the coolest people so fucking cool.


I adore Patti Smith’s writing. In fact, she is probably my favorite writer, male or female. I pretty much fell in love with her after reading the first line of her book M Train, devoured it in a day, and then immediately ran to Barnes & Noble to get Just Kids. Writing has always been one of my biggest passions, and when I was younger, I was writing stories constantly. After reading Patti’s writings, it completely captivated me and inspired me to get writing again. I am forever grateful for the kick in the butt I needed after a bit of a slump.


Um, hello, my name is Rhiannon, how could I not be inspired by the woman who was responsible for my namesake? Her life story is insane (girl, where is that memoir?), and she’s insanely talented. She sings beautifully, she writes songs with such deep, meaningful lyrics, she’s probably a witch. What a woman. Yes, she’s had her dark moments, but she’s not afraid to admit it and learn and grow as a human being from it. If that’s not inspiring I don’t know what is.


Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, aka Lana del Rey. I am completely, totally, and utterly obsessed with the woman. But not in a creepy, stalker, super fan way. Just like, a normal and healthy amount of obsession. Because she is my ultimate inspiration. I want to dress like her and act like her and I wish I could sing like her (I cannot sing to save my life). She is a walking contradiction, and completely unapologetic for who Lana del Rey is. She doesn’t give two shits what you think about her, she’s just going to keep on keepin’ on. And I’m just going to keep on being in awe of the woman. Also she tweeted a spell to get rid of Trump. What an icon.


And last but not least, is my Mama. She inspires me more than anyone else. She seems to pull things out of thin air to provide everything me, my brother and sister could ever possibly need, and made sure we were never without, even when things were looking bleek. She always seems to know when I need her, and will send me a little text saying exactly what I needed to see. She’s stubborn, strong and fiery. She made sure that my sister and I were raised to never take no for answer and stand our ground when we believe something. She taught me that I never have to take anyone else’s shit, because at the end of the day, all that matters is me. She’s also the most creative person I know, and her artwork is jsut mind blowing. She always made sure to foster mine and my sibilings creativty too, and always had praise, and constructive criticism, so we could grow and get better.  I could go on and on about this incredible woman. She raised me exactly right, and one day I hope I turn into my mother, and I think that’s all I really need to say.

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