Real Talk: Homesickness

Every person who moves away from home is going to experience homesickness at some point in their life. Whether you’re moving to a new city for college, or moving to a new state, or in my case, moving 3,000 miles away across the ocean and to a new country, you will miss certain aspects from where you grew up… no matter how much you complained about it when you were younger.

I grew up in a very small town… there were probably more cows then there were people, and I lived out in the country. I hated it growing up, and I still would not live there, but I do miss it since I’ve moved to England. I mostly just miss my family. My family is huge, and just about every day there I was doing something with members of my extended family. I especially miss my little cousins. They’re growing up so fast, and every time I see them they’ve changed so much. I also miss really stupid things from back home that I wouldn’t even think I would miss. Like American grocery stores. I really miss Trader Joe’s something fierce, and the next time I go home I’m stocking up on their plantain chips, everything bagel seasoning, and whatever delicious snack they’ve come out with when I get there. In America we take for granted how quickly we have access to everything, and nothing on the internet is blocked due to copyright (this happens so much on youtube), and I really miss that as well.

The best advice I have for someone experiencing homesickness is to make sure you have something that reminds you of home. For me, this is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I found a place that sells really delicious natural peanut butter and they import Welch’s Grape Jelly, which everyone knows is the best jelly for a pb&j (strawberry jelly lovers get out right now). In England they are uncultured and know nothing about this fine sandwich delicacy. But every time I eat one of these sandwiches, it just makes me feel like I’m at home for a moment, so I always keep these ingredients on hand.

Also, make sure you facetime your family and friends! When you’re feeling sad and homesick, give them a call. They will be so happy to hear from you, becasue they probably miss you as much as you miss them. It’s just nicer to see their faces as opposed to just talking to them over the phone or texting. I also find it really nice to hear American accents again, and I forget that I’m in England for a little bit. When I hear American accents when I’m out and about though… oh boy, here come all the feels.

My last bit of advice for getting over a wave of homesickness is making sure you have a trip back home planned. Even if it’s not for awhile, at least you know that there is a date planned and you have it to look forward to. The excitement of travel also makes you forget you were even homesick in the first place. And then after a week or two back home, you’ll probably remember why you left, and will be headed back to your new home with ease.


My baby brother and sister at my wedding almost two years ago. I miss these little chicken nuggets.


My parents house and my chickens that are now all dead thanks to a minx. RIP chickens (my parents are getting more chickens though don’t worry).


The backyard back home is really something. I took it for granted but I miss it now. Nothing in England comes close.


I do not miss the winters back home, but they sure do look pretty.

*All photos are from my mom’s instagram (@unveilingkim), because I didn’t appreciate it and have no photos of it from myself.

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