Stuff I Want Feb. 27, 2018

Welcome back to another thrilling installement of stuff I want. I normally would post this on Mondays, but I currently have a fever and I went to bed at like 8pm last night. I’m also probably delusional right now so this week’s post might be wild. Buckle up kitty cats, this could get weird.


This dress will be so good for summer. Just through it on and be the sexual summer fashion goddess you were born to be.
Free People
Nodia Mini Dress £88


Let me tell you something deeply personal that affects my body image… I have really weird shaped ribs. They are super uneven and weird shaped and so I never wear tight things on my upper half because of it. I’m getting it fixed though… someday. But anyway, this dress is made for me and my weird rib sisters, because of that conviently placed ruffle. Thanks & Other Stories!
& Other Stories Frill A-Line Dress £69


I tried these on in store the other day, and can’t stop thinking about them. I regret not purchasing them, so now I’m just waiting to get paid (lol I have an unpaid internship pay day doesn’t exist).
& Other Stories Cat Eye Sunglassses £27


Now because I hate the front on my torso, I balance it out by admiring my back. So that gives me neutral feelings about my overall body. But you gotta flaunt what you like, so I wear a lot of backless things. I am also a card carrying member of the itty bitty titty committee, so I don’t need bras. So I am allll over this top like a cheese on a cracker for summer.
Lace Contrast Top £29.99


It’s really cold in the UK this week. My coats I have are not equiped to keep me warm, so I’m on the search for a faux fur. This lilac one fits the bill becasue the color is so on trend and is obnoxiously fluffy.
Nasty Gal Surfin’ Bird Faux Fur Coat £95


I just like vertically striped pants because they make me look tall. And that is my ultimate goal always. Plus they look very French Rivera (in my head).
H&M Wide Cotton Trousers £34.99


I once saw a girl in a overall dress in Sephora styled to perfection and just generally looking amazing, and ever since then I’ve wanted an overall dress. Her was obviously amazing vintage, but I don’t have the patience for vintage shopping, so this one will satisfy my fantasies.
Moto Button Through Pinafore Dress £36


An oversized light colored denim jacket is what I’m gonna be all about this spring.
Topshop **Bleach Denim Jacket by Boutique £59


This skirt is giving me Aimee Song vibes, and I admire her, so I shall channel her spirit through this skirt. This is when she messages me a restraining order and tells me she would never wear this.
Heavy Petal Print Midi Skirt £36


Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 10.00.25.png

You know every fashion blogger under the sun is going to get gifted this shirt, and how can I, a mere peasant, ever achieve true #influencer status without this in my wardrobe? Hey PR at Versace… wanna help a sister out?
Versace Women’s Vintage Logo T-Shirt £280

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