MFW Round Up

Since everyone is in Paris now, and fashion waits for no one, here is my round up of Milan Fashion Week!


A safe but essential in the cold temperatures, long gray coat, is made exciting with a frothy pink extravaganza trying to espcape and steal the spotlight. Perfect styling tip for the rest of this never ending miserable winter.


The outfit underneath is meh, but coat is everything. It’s Penny Lane meets the matrix and I am here for it.


Russian babooshka chic.


Make a t-shirt and jeans combo look expensive with tweed. Any outfit looks more expensive with tweed.


Teddy jackets can be rather dumpy, but this girl makes it #fashion with vibrant colors. Warm and stylish… a girl after my own heart.


Obessesed with the jacket and sunnies, but the styling tip I’m stealing is the long silk scarf tied around a low slick pony tail.


A monochrome outfit can get boring, but she makes it interesting with with sexy corset details and contrasting textures.


I have this jacket so obviously I’m going to add this picture. It’s Zara btw, so you can wear Zara and get street style snapped. *insert hair flip*


I love a basic reworked in to something new and modern, and I love how the sweater is tied. It’s very, yeah I’m a member of a country club, but I’m a #rebel.


Does Joan Smalls ever look bad? I love the crop top/fishnet shirt combo,


I love the silhouette these pants give. Their legs go on for years, so excuse me while I find an affordable dupe and buy them in every color and wear them for the rest of my life.


This is outfit I would love to wear. I would also kill to be able to pull off a drop waist, but these birthing hips of mine have other plans.


I am so mad I bought boring black hunter boots. I am obsessed with the color coordinating here.


It’s Chloe Sevigny. She invented street style probably.

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