LFW Round Up

London fashion week is drawing to a close, so it’s time for my LFW round up. London is probably my favorite city when it comes to street style, and the shoes in general tend to be more artistic and conceptual compared to the other cities. I find that the street style and fashion of the city in direct conflict with the attitude of the British people. The people here tend to be more reserved and proper (and passive-agressive, my lord Jesus, you should see the tube in the mornings), while the street style is sometimes batshit crazy. But in a good way. So without further ado, here are my favorite street style snaps from the weekend.


The gold sequins, the patent leather purple trench, the pink silk flares, finished off with platform Dr. Marten’s. It shouldn’t work, but it does, and I can’t stop staring.


Really obsessed with the mix of the teal velvet platforms and the pink satin. And that jacket! She looks expensive.


One of the best street style moments so far was when the fashion crowd got mixed in with some burly construction men. Such a fun moment! And it made for some really interesting and fabulous pictures.


This jacket is giving me major Penny Lane “Almost Famous” vibes, and I would give up my first born to have my hands on that jacket.


Me, showing up to the funeral of my haters.


I love an outfit that look like it is dated, yet also timeless. Is she from 1978 or 2018, no one knows, but that brown corduroy jumpsuit is ev-er-y thang.


Serving 80s executive realness, and I am here for it.


I mostly put this picture on here because of the jeans. I am a sucker for an excellent pair of jeans, and these loose straight fit with asymmetric closure are making me weak.


The girl in front looks like she went to bed in the most glamorous pajamas ever, woke up late, suddenly remembered she had a fashion show to go to, threw on a glamorous coat as she rushed out of the house, and popped on some shades because who has time for makeup? And is killing it. Also the girl in the backround looks so chic I could die.


This look is for the mornings when you have to be #fashion, but also don’t want to get out of bed so you just drape yourself in a luxe blanket and call it a day.


I love a monochromatic outfit. I also plan on living in midi skirts this spring, so this is giving me major outfit inspo.


Another major outfit inspo look, but the bohemian flair of the shirt, and the messy long hair is what I’m all about.

And that’s a wrap on LFW! Stay tuned for my Milan Fashion Week Round Up coming soon!

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