A bunch of stuff I want

Welcome to my new weekly installment of “A Bunch of Stuff I Want”. Most of it I can’t afford.


I saw a #fashiongirl buy this at Zara the other day. She looked like she knew what she was doing, so I trust her on this one.
Zara Jacket £79.99 & Trousers £39.99


Van are cool. But platform Vans are cooler. I have the non-platform high tops, but I like shoes that make me even taller than I already am.
Vans £65

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 20.00.44

Cherries on dresses make me think of Lana del Rey and I just really want to be Lana del Rey, so this dress can help me achieve my fantasies.
Reformation $198


Perfect for when my husband takes me on vacation to Italy (in my dreams).
Free People £88


Just the right of dressiness, casualness, and oversizeness.
Urban Outfitters £39


Two spring trends in one! Florals and polka dots are so hot (and groundbreaking) for spring.
Urban Outfitters £49


Throw a leather jacket over this for the perfect mix of tough and feminine.
Topshop £69


Khaki’s are kinda boring, but it’s a #trend for spring so you’re going to see it everywhere wether you want to or not. Embellishments make it a little more exciting and I dig the fit of these.
Topshop £49



I have absolutely nowhere to wear this dress but I need it. I’ll wear it to grocery shop for all I care, I just need this on my body.
Revolve £222.31

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