NYFW Round Up

Let me tell you a little something… I’ve always been more compelled and inspired by what people are wearing to the fashion shows during fashion week than the actual shows themselves. Of course there are a few shows I always look forward to… Alexander Wang (after his SS18 show was, well, crap, I was looking to see if he would redeem himself this season), Marc Jacobs, and this season, Victoria Beckham, as it was her last show in NY. And while I do enjoy looking at the runways to see what the upcoming trends are like the little fashion nerd that I am, I really am impressed by what everyone is wearing. To me that is the real show. And honestly I think social media has only made it better. The bloggers and influencers truly love fashion and love playing and experimenting, and they make fashion fun, which is what a lot of other “fashion people” forget. While some trends are repeated over and over again, those trends are styled a million different ways based on the bloggers style and audience, which is something I admire.

So without furter ado… here are my favorite street style snaps from NYFW… and keep an eye out for LFW street style snaps coming soon!

Also, if you really want to have a good time following NYFW on social media, it really doesn’t get any better than Eva Chen. She’s the bee’s knees.


Purple is the color of the season. Get on it.


With spring approaching, anytime it hits 50 degrees or above I’m wearing a midi skirt/dress with a coat and boots.


Matching your sunglasses with your hair is GENIUS


I live for brightly colored faux fur. I don’t own any, but I live for it.


I wasn’t so sure about the matrix coats, but this #lewk has me reconsidering. She owns EVERYTHING.


I want this entire outfit in my closet.


Fashion week peacocking at its finest.


Ok, but gurl, where did you get those jeans? I want to wear them for the rest of my life.


I full intend to purchase a utility/boiler jumpsuit thing as soon as I can find one that doesn’t give me a severe vagina wedgie.


Constrast stitching is so hot this season.


This color combination shouldn’t work, but it just does, so just try it.


This is a look that I could full invision myself wearing


My girl Eva Chen, setting such a mom trend. Double coats for double warmth. Thanks Mama for looking out for us little fashion nerds.

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