Valentine’s Day: London Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is kinda really shitty. And if you’re single it’s kind of miserable to watch all these loved up couples flaunting their love all over the place. I am in a wonderful relationship with a human being I love more than anything and even I hate Valentine’s Day. But I still celebrate because society. Plus sometimes it’s fun to get a little sexy and get a little flirty. It reminds of why you fell in love in the first place if you’re all coupled up. Plus its the day my husband proposed to me (FOUR years ago now!), so it’s kind of a big deal for us in that aspect. I do believe this is my first Valentine’s Day I’ll be spending in London, so it will be interesting to see how the notorious unaffectionate Brits express their love for one another.

That all being said, I have thought of a few ideas to spend the day. And while their venues are based in London, the ideas can transcend to anywhere in the world. Like the power of Love.


The premise is simple; delicious hot dogs and other junk food sides paired with a fine bottle of champagne. It appease my husband’s taste for the finer things in life, and is compatible with my laid back hipster attitude. It really just makes “adulting” fun. Plus the waiters aren’t pretentious if you don’t know what bottle of champagne you want. And it’s ok to get the cheapest one on the menu. As an added bonus they let you keep the cork, which makes a sweet little momento.

Hold hands and walk through a museum

Or a park. Or your favorite part of the city. But a museum in london is the best because number one, it’s free, and number two, it’s indoors and I’m a baby about the cold. My personal favorite museum is the Tate Modern. Especially for Valentine’s Day. Modern Art lights a fire in my loins (I went to Art School, if you couldn’t tell).

Stay at a hotel, bring your own alcoholic beverage and order room service

Sometimes you just need a little staycation to heat things back up. The premise of some uninterrupted alone time with you S.O. is always so tantilizing. Bring some sexy lingere too if you want. Or save the money and just be naked. It all comes off anyway.

Go to the Harry Potter Movie Studios

There’s nothing more romantic than Harry Potter. Fight me. Also this is on the list because I just want to go there. Again.

Go to a pub and order a few beers and get tipsy (drunk) together

This is especially fun if you’ve been together for awhile. It’s always fun to get drunk and flirty with your S.O. Just don’t get sloppy. No one wants to spend the night praying to the porcelin gods. Drink responsibly kids.

Go out for breakfast

Going out for dinner is so passé. All the cool kids are going on breakfast dates. And honestly, they’re always my favorite. There’s nothing like slowly waking up over a cup of coffee (or a tea in the Brits’ case) and devouring a huge plate of delicious breakfast food (french toast in my case, a full english for Nick). Don’t want to wake up early for breakfast? Breakfast Club, aka one of my fav restuarants for obvious reasons, serves breakfast alllllllll day. Nothing beats all day breakfast.

That’s all for now folks. I haven’t lived in London for that long, so the list is short. And my husband is in charge of planning what we’re doing this year, because you know. He’s an actual Londoner.

I kinda love this human being.


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