Superbowl Style For Watching It On Your Couch

With the exception of my Mom, my family is a very big fan of football. Or “American” football as I have to call it now. And I will still call soccer only soccer depsite the hassle of it amongst every British person ever (just tell them soccer was a term invented by the Brits, and football is called football because you start the game with your foot, that usually shuts them up). Anyway, back to the All-American game of football. I personally am a New York Jets fan. Which means I will probably never see them go to the Superbowl in my lifetime. The rest of my family supports the New York Giants. I’m quite the rebel. My dad did however influence the fact that we hate the Patriots and Bellachek and Brady are public enemies number 1 and 2. So I will be supporting the Eagles on principal. And it makes me feel closer to my dad knowing that even 3,000 miles and an ocean apart, we are watching the same game and hating the same team (which makes every point scored by the Eagles that much sweeter). This year I’ll be watching it at 10:30pm GMT and I’ll be watching the whole damn thing even though I have to get up at 6:30am the next morning for work.

Seeing as I am a Fashion Girl™, I worry about what I am going to wear while sitting on the couch at my house being disgusting and eating 12lbs of pizza, wings, and beer. I could be basic and wear bootcut flare jeans in a medium wash and a men’s Eagles jersey I bought on ebay of a disgraced or retired player for $10. But I refuse to wear those things because its gross, but if you’re in to it, then you go with your bad self (I also refuse to give you style advice if you’re a Patriots fan. Sorry ’bout it). I like to dress comfortably, especially when I’m not really going anywhere, and my reality is that I’m wearing sweatpants 99% of the time when I’m home. But other people tend to come over, because it’s a social event, and social events these days mean social media. You don’t want to be caught out wearing greasy sweatpants you’ve worn a week straight on the ‘gram.

So here is my style inspiration for the game to give you some ideas, without a team logo in sight so you can wear it more than once. The Eagles official colors are midnight green, silver, black and charcoal which is so on trend. And if you’re a Patriots fan then go elsewhere because I don’t care about thier official colors. I personally will probably be wearing jeans and a nice top. Because are you even a girl if you aren’t wearing jeans and a nice top?


The superbowl gives you an excuse to drink disgusting amounts of beer, which I am here for. Budweiser is basically the official beer, because um hello, the budweiser commerical!


Sweater in your teams colors + boyfriend jeans + leather jacket = perfect comfy superbowl outfit. Add some heels because #fashion.


Spice up the aforementioned with a statement pants, and add some comfort with a cool pair of kicks.


Ultimate comfort and ultimate style in a cool sweatshirt in your teams colors.


Take your basic tee and skinny jeans combo and superbowl-ify it with a grandma cardi in some sporty hues.


You don’t have to wear pants if your staying at your own house. Sexy thigh high boots optional.


This outfit is ready for anything, from picking up the pizza, to throwing the ol’ pigskin beforehand, to eating disgusting amounts of food. Leggings and a sweatshirt… the true MVP of the big game.


Not into football? Throw on an easy black midi dress, and show your support by accessorizing in the team’s colors. Go Sports!


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