Things To Do: Luna Cinema

Welcome to my new series called Things To Do. It’s a very originial title I know. I am a *creative person* after all.

Anyway Things To Do is going to be all about things that I have done in London that I thought were cool. And as always I will tell you everything about it; the good, the bad, and the ugly. But mostly good, because if I did something terrible I won’t write about it, because life is too short to reminisce over things you hate (I should really take my own advice sometimes).

So yeah, Luna Cinema. It’s a movie theater basically, but it’s really cool. Here you can live out all of your hipster fantasies. We saw the new Blade Runner movie, which was my second time seeing it, but it’s a really awesme movie so I didn’t mind seeing it again, and we went for my father-in-law’s birthday. They have a different movie playing, so it’s definitely best to check online to see what’s playing for the month. Currently it’s held indoors, but in the summer its outdoors, so I definitely plan on going back to experience that.

Since it’s a temporary set up, the seating is bean bags, and it’s first come first serve basis. You can pay extra to sit in a couch but you can do that at home, so just be cheap and sit in the bean bags. It’s part of the *experience* anyway. And I know in England it’s standard to have a bar at the movies, but the novelty hasn’t worn off for me yet, so for my fellow Americans visiting or living in London, THERE’S ALCOHOL AT THE MOVIE THEATERS. And it’s as great as you would think it would be. Also goes great with popcorn. Where lies another difference between American and British movie theathers. In America you can only get delicious salty popcorn drenched (drowning in my case) in liquid fake butter (drooling just thinking about it) and in England they have salty popcorn (no butter, which is tragic) and sweet (kettle) popcorn. And you can get them mixed. Which is what I always do, because nothing beats a salty/sweet food combo.

As for location, its at the Battersea Power Station. Which is actually a really beautiful area, and I definitely reccommend wandering around before hand and snap a few pictures for the ‘gram. The actual theater itself; it’s in a little tunnel from the overground tracks, so occasionally you can hear the rumble from a train going by. Which sounds terrible but it’s really not noticble, and it kinda worked for the movie we watched.

Tickets are limited since it is a small space, and it can only hold so many people, so definitely get your tickets way in advance. It would also make a great date idea because you can get all snuggly in those bean bags.

My only complaint is that it’s really hard to get up out of the bean bags, and they don’t leave much space between rows so if you have to go to the bathroom you’ll almost definitely piss someone off. So I held it the entire movie. Which a lot of other people did too, because there was a massive line for the bathroom after.

But I give it a 10/10. It’s a cool hidden gem and it’s a lot of fun, and makes the whole dinner and movie date way more exciting. You can check out Luna Cinema here!


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