I have some Good Jeans

You can take the girl out of America but you can’t take America out of the girl. I find this pertains especially to my style. So far, I have not embraced British style. Or city style I guess.  You will never see someone around here in gross sweats and their husbands grungy t-shirt that is approximately 20 sizes to big to get Oreos at 11pm at the Tesco’s gas station. I have learned that the hard way.

I would describe British style as very thoughtfully curated and eclectic, but also trendy and tends to try to hard. Most people here aren’t dressing like Alexa Chung and Kate Moss, no matter what Vogue tries telling you.

That however is not me. I dress very stylishly (so I tell myself, gotta put that BFA in fashion design to some use), but I also like the disheveled model-off-duty look as made famous by NEW YORK fashion week. So it’s very grungy, rock and roll, and simple. At the end of the day, all I want to wear is a killer pair of jeans and a t-shirt that will make me look like a Cool Girl. Or you know like a model. Even though I am definitely not a model. Even though I did try out for America’s Next Top Model when I was 18 (I even got a call back). But alas, I am just a mere mortal like everyone else.

ANYWAY, I’m rambling. I have curated a small collection of denim that I absolutely love. What is especially nice about denim is that its perfect all year round, durable, and never really goes out of style (except for low rise bootcut flares, those can stay in 2003). Also this post is not sponsored, and I don’t get a single cent if you click on the link and buy something. Because let’s be honest I only have like 11 followers at this point. Also Pro-Tip: Wait for designers jeans to go on sale. There’s no reason to pay over $/£100 for a pair of jeans. Even though most of these are over £100 I won’t buy them until they’re on sale. Especially re/done. There sale selection is top notch.


Free People Cuff Stacked Flares £88
I don’t know why I don’t own these right this second. Stay tuned.


Rag & Bone Striped Cropped High-Rise Jeans £280
Stella Maxwell wore a very similar pair so they are Victoria’s Secret Model Approved.


Frame Rigid Re Release Le Original Skinny Fray Edge £198
I saw these on a mannequin at Selfridge’s. Now I want them. I can’t afford them, but a girl can dream.


GRLFRND Karolina Embroidered High-Rise Skinny Jean £142
Star Print. So hot right now.

Re/Done The Elsa £190
I bought a pair of these on sale for like $60. Do yourself a favor and get these. Also designed by Elsa Hosk, so, like, Victoria’s Secret Model Approved.
Why did I do this post? I’m going to be so broke.


Topshop MOTO Black Satin Finish Jamie Jeans £42
For when you need to look #fancy, but still just want to wear jeans. Plus I don’t think you’re allowed to live in the UK without owning the Jamie Jeans.


Levi’s Crush Taper Jeans £150
These would be soooooo good for the summer. And the ‘gram, lets be honest.

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