Glossier takes literally all of my money.

Full disclaimer: I am a sucker for branding and packaging and it is a thing that Glossier does VERY well. Are there better products out there? Probably. But I’m not trying them because they aren’t in millennial pink packaging and they don’t come with cute stickers.

But not all Glossier products are created equally. Especially if you have shitty adult acne like me. The make up is wonderful, minus the concealer and the face tint because I’ve never tried those, but the skincare. Oh the skincare. The cleanser? Garbage. Priming moisturizer? Garbage. Serums? Jury is still out on those. I feel like serums are a scam, yet here I am diligently drinking the serum kool-aid at the promise of better skin. But when I found out (on instagram, those sneaky marketing geniuses) Glossier was coming out with a solution for acne I screamed out “ABOUT DAMN TIME” because acne literally effects everyone and if it doesn’t effect you then I hate you and we can’t be friends. So the second the product aptly named “Solution” became for sale on it’s website, I added that shit to my cart and paid for it. Including shipping. Because shipping is only free when you spend £25 or more and the product is RUDELY priced at £19. So I think I spent £22. But I hate paying for shipping on principle.

I started implementing it into my skincare regime as of yesterday, and I even took pictures of my face so I could see if there was a progress and it wasn’t just a placebo. So we’ll give this bad boy a month and see what it does. My first impression of it is that it smells really bad and tingles a bit because, you know, chemicals. But beauty is pain, or at least that’s what the patriarchy tells us!

I will update you guys on how this promising new product works. You can catch my Instagram stories (@rhiannonbegeal) for the most up to date findings. Fingers crossed this works because I just want nice clear skin with little tiny clear pores. A girl can dream right?

Day 0 Glossier Solution. I know I’m so brave for posting these.

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